Ming Yang: Enthusiasm Personified

29 Aug 2015

Ming Yang: Enthusiasm Personified

Ming Yang has a penchant for polka-dots, and they suit her to a T! We ‘loooooved’ shooting this bubbly junior and watching her enthusiasm flow over into the photos and her interview.

Tell us a little about you.

Dress: Forever21

I’m a junior Electrical Engineering student at the University of Florida. I love psychology, especially the human emotions aspects; I believe Affective Computing is the “secret ingredient” to making AI come alive.

I love cooking, especially healthy and delicious food.

I also loooove Wicked. DEFYING GRAVITY!

Tell us about what you’re wearing.

Tank: Forever21 / Shawl: Forever21 / Shoes: Banana Republic

I’m wearing a thin cardigan from Forever 21 on top of a simple tank also from Forever21 with a go-to pair of jeans. I’ve been really into flowy cardigans/shirts with a tank top lately, so I’ve started stocking up on the $1.9 tank top from Forever 21!).

My other outfit is also from Forever21 - it’s a black and white polka dotted dress with white collars and strings in the back for tying. I loooooooove (imagine me rolling back my eyes for this) dresses. They’re easy, comfortable, and stylish.

Do you have any style icons or favorite brands?

Dress: Forever21

Inspirations like Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Amal Clooney are the ones that I have always admired. However, my ultimate fashion idol has to be Audrey Hepburn. I love the classy, sophisticated, chic, and cute look. I have been obsessed with hunting for cute high waisted skirt lately because of her style in Roman Holiday.

Ultimately, I believe the reasons why these people were such a huge attraction to me is because they carried themselves with confidence and passion(it sounds cliché, but it’s very true! We gravitate toward people that know how to love and appreciate themselves). So it doesn’t matter what your style is, know that you look good and be poised. Wear the clothes…don’t let the clothes wear you.

Any advice for a young person thinking about getting into a STEM field?

If you are interested in STEM and want to go into the field, don’t change anything about your current self, besides taking more related classes, and start doing the things that you think “If I had…I would…” of.

The fact that you are different makes you a true gem. You might not believe it now, but you will realize how valuable being different is.

If you really love STEM, do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t for whatever bullshit reasons. Prove them wrong!

What is the best way (if any) for people to follow you on social media?

Shoes: Vince Camuto

Add me on Facebook!

Affective Computing seems like a perfect interest-area for Ming; she has enough energy and personality to share some with her creations! Thank you for sharing your style advice, and showing us that attitude matters more than the price-tag.

We’ll be back next week with our first friendship feature!


Dona & Beth