Merry Christmas Y'all

25 Dec 2015

Merry Christmas Y'all

Here at Fibonacci Sequins, we insist on celebrating every single thing, including this incredible year we’ve had as well as finding free stuff like this excellent free DOOR by the side of the road.

What better way to sum up this killer year than a fun photoshoot in Seattle where we loiter on other people’s lawns to show off our fashion finds from our travels?

Here is Beth rocking a dress she acquired on her first Nasty Gal binge during a recruiting trip to LA and this is her favorite way to wear it. Skinny jeans are warmer than tights but still super cute, especially with the leg warmers. The jacket over the top is mandatory for the crazy Seattle weather as well as a way to edge this gorgeous dress up on days when law & order need to be handed out.

Dona is really loving this dress by her friends at Ohne Titel.  It works incredibly well from telling dudes what to do during the day all the way to cocktails with the girls at night!  She winds up wearing this almost every week because of the stretchy fit and because it’s her favorite color. Also, did you know the dress was made with Excel? (See? Everyone should be tech literate!) The faux fur white jacket is something she wears with pride as she negotiated for it in a vintage boutique in pioneer square from $80 down to $24 (“It’ll look better on me than on the hanger!”)

This is some serious fashion modeling going down at the Japanese Garden by Beth.  The white cape is also a result of the Nasty Gal binge and she loves layering over all kinds of things during her acts of daytime superheroism, but also wearing it with this awesome blanket scarf!

The fringe suede skirt was a result of an impulse purchase at Nasty Gal on aforementioned recruiting trip and the AMAZING black tuxedo jacket is the result of Dona’s hard work of standing in line at 8 am for the HM x Balmain event in November in NYC.  The beaded and ropey top was also part of the HM collection and Dona can’t think of a single season it’s not perfect for.  Worn over a turtleneck for winter–check. Worn over a long skirt for summer - check.

Tell you more about the “I Never Wear Sensible Shoes” clutch?  Other than pure truth, it’s also a NYC find and is by local artist Pamela Barsky at Chelsea Market.

What a year it’s been for us at Fibonacci Sequins. We can hardly believe we’ve only been around for 6 months and in that time have made so many friends, profiled so many stylish STEM people, traveled the world and have seriously upped our fashion game.

Merry Christmas friends and glasses raised all around to a fabulous 2016!


Dona & Beth