#AutumnFeels, a story by Beth

29 Oct 2015

#AutumnFeels, a story by Beth

I love fall. I mean it’s amusing to me that you call it fall (Autumn is such a good name!), but I still love it. Especially in Seattle, where I’m start to remember what cold feels like, while still having time to appreciate the sunlight before it disappears for 6 months.

But I have to say it. I don’t really understand pumpkin spice.I like pumpkin at least as much as the next person, but how about instead of PS we had decent chai? #AskingTheRealQuestions

These photos are a mix of shots from Kim and Dona - teaching Dona to use my camera has been great (she’s a ridiculously fast learner), and means I now have way more non-selfie photos of myself ^.^

I struggle to make decisions if I don’t have a pillow to hide behind or a huge blanket to cocoon inside, so blanket scarves are the greatest thing ever. This plaid one sheds so much that Dona jokes it’s like ‘bring your cat to work day’ whenever I wear it.

This outfit is the epitome of fall layering - adding scarves, layers and jackets as the weather changes. I’m hyper-sensitive to temperature change, so I find it useful to be able to shed layers as I walk somewhere in order to stabilise my internal thermals. My mum knitted these gloves for me, and they’re great for days when I need to feel a little edgy. The boots are Timberlands, and the tread is great for when Seattle gets slippery in the rain.

Some days you need to wear a blanket instead of just draping one over you and calling it a scarf. Don’t worry, Zara has a solution for that too.

I thought I was really into clean blacks and whites but something about fall turns me a little crazy - around this time last year I wanted to paint my kitchen orange and green. So after regaining my senses I now have a hard rule that says orange/green don’t get to be worn together, no matter how much of a good idea I think that would be (notable exception: Pumpkin costumes for halloween <3).

You’ll notice a bunch of similarities between this outfit and the one above. I’m all about combining staple pieces (e.g. this olive shirt) in different ways for my default outfits (this works really well for fall layering), and then switching out for a dress whenever I need to easily kick it up a notch.

Suede is my new everything

I thought I was too cool for suede riding boots but who am I kidding suede is my everything

These (waterproof) suede boots are Cole Haan. I’ve been eyeing Fluevog’s navy (green) Sugars for a while, but I can’t justify $400 for an only almost-perfect boot. I did have a wardrobe hole for a good staple pair of boots to wear with jeans (I’m learning to roll my jeans, like you can see in the first outfit with my Timberlands, but it’s not something I’m crazy comfortable with yet), so after a few weeks of wasting my life scrolling through different websites and trawling through stores to no avail I yolo’d on this pair from Amazon.

They’re the realization of all of my hopes and dreams! The inside is a beautiful houndstooth material, and the soles have decent grip (necessary for Seattle, and as someone who wears shoes very hard).

I’m yet to get over autumn leaves - I’m constantly having to school myself while driving that no I cannot take a picture of that tree while we’re stopped. Life’s a struggle.

This hat, like most excellent things in life, is stolen from a good friend. (Hi Dora! <3)

Having already confessed an appreciation for staple pieces, it shouldn’t be surprising that having a collection of jackets/coats is an important part of my cooler-weather wardrobe. I’ve wanted a camel coat for a while, and yolo’d on this Zara one - it’s lightweight, so perfect for layering, and the slightly shorter sleeves make it great for showcasing gloves/longer sleeved shirts.

Shirts like this awesome turtleneck I found at express, for instance. I’ve been jonesing for a turtleneck for quite a while - they work tucked into skirts or left out over skinny jeans, and they’re a total classic. I can’t get over how great it looks when Dona pairs hers with her yellow skirt.

  Ice cream is the best autumn accessory hands down

I’m super into Essie, and some of their colors are perfect for fall. This reddish/maroon one is Angora Cardi, but I also recommend Sew Psyched and Ladylike. I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses, both full-stop and for autumn. I love to pair it with sage tights, a grey waistcoat and my purple boots to feel adorable AF. My jewelry (rings, rings, earrings) are all modcloth (aside from the staple Withings watch).

Next on my fall to-do list is to visit the Arboretum! I moved to Seattle last November and didn’t manage it then, so it has to happen this season. Hopefully we’ll do a photoshoot there in the 1 weekend of November that we’re both in Seattle (crazy schedules!)

This year does have a tough job trying to top 2014’s Thanksgiving snow. So, we’ll see.