Our Debut Line

Hello friends!

When we promote diversity in STEM fields, we ask questions like, “what made you get into this field” and “what are your thoughts on the diversity problem“, but we never touch upon the beautiful and unique personal style that people bring with them into these fields.

So let’s change that: Fibonacci Sequins is a style blog that showcases and celebrates diversity + personal style in STEM. By sharing who we are, we will not only celebrate each other’s individuality, but also show the future STEM-stars that there isn’t one kind of role model — there are literally hundreds, and no one has changed who they are to fit in.

By day, we’re software engineers and by night, we’re a crime-fighting, photo-taking, profile-writing duo. We have really enjoyed meeting amazing people from around the world and featuring them as role models as they show off their personal style. We’ve seen a wonderful mix of street-style, work aesthetics, conference creations, vintage scores, designer pieces, tricked out career fair t-shirts, traffic stopping accessories and everything in between.

It’s time for us to be proud of who we are and embrace that we can be geeks gone chic!

If you or someone you know want to be featured on Fibonacci Sequins, please contact us and we’ll figure out a way to make it happen!


Beth & Dona

Dona and Beth have faces

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    1. Thanks for sharing Ann! I actually met Anouk when she was at Microsoft for fellowship briefly. Amazing talent!

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